Services for Login Member :-

1. Limited free E-mail discussion of your professional problem with our experts.

·       Explain your problem clearly with elastration and expected result.

·       We will help in conceptual building blocks of the solution.

·       Suggest you appropriate algorithms to be used for desired result.

·       This one time free service is available for any login member .


2. Based on your problem, you will be able to have a telephonic technical discussion with us.  

·    In next step, a telephonic call service is offered for technical discussion.

·    We will provide free first 3 minuits discussion with our technical expert.

·    For further assistance, mutual discussion will decide the charges.

·    The discussion setup may include chat,  voice chat, team viewer, dropbox and e-mail.


3. In advance stage, video conference will be scheduled for technical meeting.

·       Across the table technical discussion with demos of proof of concept, baners, flowcharts etc.

·       In situ visit of the project site.

·       Discussion with invited domain experts and consultents.

·       Member's activity will enable him/her to position as a creative thinker member.

·       We provide a platform for thinker members to solve challenging problems along with us.

·       We value multidissplinary activity as described in home page.

·       We wish to expand our domain of expertise with your help to address multidissplinary project solutions.

·       We respect talent.

·       Talented individuals are offered limited partnership.

·       We accept collobrative activity with talented group to jointly work on big projects.